Volunteer Iowa NSCHC Monitoring Checklist - May 1 rule update

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Updated with May 1 rule



*Checklist used as a working document, official findings will be reported to the program in a monitoring report


INDIVIDUAL’S NAME: ____________________________________              INDIVIDUAL’S START DATE: _        ________


PROGRAM NAME: ______________________________                PROGRAM GRANT YEAR: ____________ _________






Is the individual subject to:  ☐ Two-part check [either b. & c. state(s) OR d. FBI below, plus a. NSOPW] OR

                                                  ☐  Three-part check [both b. & c. state(s) AND d. FBI below, plus a. NSOPW]*

*Effective May 1, 2021, all new staff/members are subject to 3-part check. Individuals covered by the rule who start in work or service prior to May 1, 2021, and who will remain in work or service after November 1, 2021, must complete a national service criminal history check that complies with the final rule by November 1, 2021.

Is this a member or staff file?  Please check the appropriate box.   ☐ Member    ☐Staff




Is the individual returning to the same program?




Does the returning individual have a gap of service/work of <180 days of service?




Is there documentation of the individual’s consent (before state/FBI checks were conducted) and notification of selection criteria & ability to challenge the factual accuracy of check results.




All required components ((NSOPW, State(s), and FBI checks) were conducted through sources authorized by AmeriCorps (45 CFR §2540.204) and are consistent with the sources described in the grant recipient’s adopted NSCHC policies and procedures




What NSCHC Documentation Checklist is the program using?  ☐ Volunteer Iowa Checklist  

☐ Program Developed Checklist       ☐  Other: _______________________




Verification of Identity & Legal Name: Is there a photocopy/scan of a government-issued ID such as driver’s license, passport, OR other identification document, such as federally issued income statement (e.g. social security income statement? Identification document(s):                                             




Does the identity/legal name documentation meet the requirements as defined in the program’s policies?




Does the name on the documentation match the name as entered/submitted for the checks?




Does the program have documentation of initiation of all steps in the national service criminal history check process? (not required for any staff/member who begins service/work after May 1, 2021)




  1. NSOPW. ☐ Truescreen or ☐ Program search of the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) completed before date individual began on the grant? 

Date adjudicated: ______________




  • Includes all databases that comprise the NSOPW? (all states/territories/tribes reporting)




  • If any state system was inoperable is there documentation that demonstrates that a check(s) was/were run in the missing state(s) repository(ies) OR a new/additional NSOPW with all databases reporting was completed prior to the start date of the individual?




  • If an individual with the same name appears on the NSOPW printed report, is there further evidence provided that the person included on the registry is not the prospective individual?




  1. State criminal registry check for Iowa conducted via ☐ Truescreen  ☐ Iowa DCI.

Date Adjudicated: ___________




  1. State registry check for other state of residence at time of application conducted via
  2. Truescreen  ☐Other State Repository ☐Other: _____________.  List state: ___________                  Date Adjudicated: ___________




  1. FBI fingerprint search conducted via ☐ Fieldprint  ☐ Iowa DCI. 

Date Adjudicated: ______________










Was there a criminal records finding or a vendor result of “do not recommend” on either the b. Iowa, c. other state or d. FBI check(s)? 




  • If yes, is there documentation that all records have been considered prior to the individual’s eligibility determination & placement (including additional documentation to determine eligibility if a vendor provided a “do not recommend” result)?




  • If no criminal findings exist, is there still an indication that all records have been considered prior to the individual’s eligibility determination/ placement?




  • If the individual was found to be ineligible to serve or unsuitable to serve according to organization-specific screening criteria and was denied an opportunity to serve, is there documentation that the program provided a reasonable opportunity for the individual to review and challenge the factual accuracy of a result before action was taken to exclude the individual from the position?




If accompaniment was needed, is it properly documented and present in the file?

(Effective May 1, 2021, no accompaniment permitted without NSCHC Waiver)

☐ Date(s)/Time(s) of Accompaniment                  ☐ Verify the person was eligible to accompany

☐ Location                                                           ☐  Name of person providing accompaniment











Reviewed by: _______________________________________________                  Date: ___________________

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