Disaster Volunteers

Group of adults wearing hardhats walking down road in tornado damaged neighborhoodInterested in becoming a disaster volunteer?

When disaster strikes, unaffiliated/spontaneous volunteers who want to help will often travel from all over the country to assist their neighbors, friends, and even complete strangers. Yet without a plan, these much needed volunteers can cause complications with rescue response efforts. Volunteer Iowa is a member of the Iowa Disaster Human Resource Council (IDHRC), and can provide resources to help emergency managers develop a plan and train community members to mobilize and manage these volunteers to meet needs and ensure safety.

Volunteer Iowa hosts an online database of individuals willing to volunteer during times of disaster. When requested through Emergency Managers, Volunteer Iowa has the ability to deploy AmeriCorps members to provide disaster response assistance. Volunteer Iowa helps provide training and support on spontaneous volunteer management to local communities so they have an adequate plan and ability to maximize utilization of volunteers during and after a disaster. To find out more contact us at info@volunteeriowa.org or 515.348.6235.

http://volunteeriowa.galaxydigital.com/disaster http://volunteeriowa.galaxydigital.com/need/?s=1&need_init_id=998

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