Governor's Volunteer Awards

Nomination information will be available March 1st; join our e-mail subscription list to receive announcements about this award program and other Volunteer Iowa news.  Regional recognition ceremonies for the summer of 2018 have not yet been scheduled, but are being planned in Ottumwa, Des Moines, Marion, Cedar Falls, Storm Lake, and Council Bluffs.  


The Governor's Volunteer Award program provides an easy, non-competitive* way to honor the dedicated people who volunteer their time and talent to help an agency or organization deliver on its mission.  Nominations are accepted in March and April each year.  Awards are presented during regional recognition events held each summer.  

State agencies, nonprofits, charitable organizations, and non-state government entities (city, county, and federal offices operating in Iowa) may recommend an individual volunteer or group of volunteers who directly assisted the organization with a project, event, or activity for a Governor’s Volunteer Award.

A $15 handling fee per award helps cover the cost of printing certificates, invitations, and ceremony materials, as well as memento photos, pins, and postage.  

Non-competitive means the person completing the form verifies that the individual or group listed is deserving of this honor; there is no review process at the state level to decide who does or does not get an award. However, Volunteer Iowa reserves the right to refuse to bestow an award if it is deemed inappropriate.


Recommendations for awards may be submitted in one of three categories:

  • Individual (one person providing outstanding volunteer service to benefit the agency)
  • Group (two or more individuals who volunteer together as a team
  • Length of Service (volunteers who serve the same agency or organization for multiple years; awards available only in increments of five years, e.g., 5, 10, 15, etc.)

People previously honored with an Individual Award should not receive another, but may be selected once every five years for a Length of Service Award

Recipients are not required to live in Iowa, but their service must have benefited an Iowa organization and/or the people it serves

Have questions? Contact the Governor's Volunteer Award program coordinator at Volunteer Iowa via e-mail or by phone: 515.348.6226 (1.800.308.5987).

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