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Need Volunteers?

Do you need a user-friendly online platform to recruit and manage volunteers? Sign up for a no-cost account so you can start connecting members of your community to opportunities to bring about truly positive change.  

The Get Connected Portal is a statewide system for volunteers and organizations to use to connect. Volunteers can look for opportunities, events, or their favorite agencies. Organizations can post volunteer opportunities to recruit volunteers to serve at their agency or work on a project.

Volunteer Iowa is the contract holder with a company called Galaxy Digital, who runs the Get Connected platform and provides customer service/troubleshooting. Volunteer Centers can opt in to the contract to have the volunteer database available locally, and can change the look of the website portal (for local branding purposes). The system allows for volunteer opportunities to be posted locally, all feeding up into one large, statewide database, which is searchable at

Get Connected is a mobile-friendly online resource that matches individuals and groups with volunteer and service opportunities. Volunteers can search for opportunities, create a profile and sign up online, indicate their willingness to lend a hand during disasters, track their volunteer hours, and view the dollar impact of their service. Agencies and volunteer programs can post open volunteer positions, recruit volunteers for special events, track their volunteers hours, and promote the dollar impact of their volunteer event or program.

Account Benefits

  • Easy-to-use volunteer management tools and social solutions, which saves you time and money and increases your impact as an organization
  • World wide access by potential volunteers to see and respond to agency opportunities
  • Streamlined communication between volunteers and agencies
  • Tracking reports that recap postings, responses, volunteer hours, and much more!
  • Post news items and community spotlights
  • Social Media integration
  • Disaster Management tool to help plan disaster preparedness and the coordination of volunteers in time of disaster.
  • PUBLICITY! When state officials of Iowa speak about service and volunteering, they promote as a source of information and volunteer opportunities for agencies and citizens.
  • Reach a larger pool of potential volunteers. The Volunteer Iowa portal automatically networks between all other Get Connected systems in the state—allowing agencies and volunteers to manage their data locally while at the same time receiving statewide exposure for Iowa volunteer opportunities.

Get Started

Iowa organizations are encouraged to register for an account through their local volunteer coordination center (VCC) or United Way as their point of entry to the system. Wondering why we ask you to start with a local point of entry into the system? Keeping data and volunteer opportunities up-to-date and accurate is best performed at the local level, plus volunteers will turn to your local Volunteer Center or Volunteer Connector Organization for technical assistance on the system if needed.

  1. Find the system that serves your county
  2. Click on the “Sign Up” button on the upper right menu bar
  3. Complete the registration steps. When your account has been approved, you will receive an e-mail that includes a link to your account and you can begin the Get Connected adventure!

Need assistance? 

To help you become comfortable with the Get Connected System, we recommend attending the Agency training offered by Galaxy Digital. Access to training and many other resources is available from the Galaxy Digital Agency Manager online help desk

For additional help, send a message to or call 1.800.308.5987.