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Employer Volunteer Initiative Recorded Webinar Series:

  • Building the Business Case for Skills-Based Employer Volunteerism
    • Employer Volunteerism makes a real difference in your community — and it's also great for business. In fact, some of the most profitable professional services firms (design, law, and so on) are the ones that do the most skills based and pro bono volunteering. It attracts and engages talent, boosts a company’s reputation and helps drive innovation. In addition to creating positive impact for our communities, skills based volunteering is also good for business. This webinar explores how skills based and pro bono volunteer programs can positively impact a company’s business goals, focusing specifically on HR, PR and innovation.  
  • Developing the Skills-Based Volunteer Program Model That’s Right for Your Company
    • Building a skills based or pro bono volunteer program is an exciting but challenging process – and companies can get lost when they are unsure of how they want their program to be designed or how to execute on their philanthropic goals. What questions should a company ask themselves when designing a program? This webinar will introduce you to the best practices of visioning and designing a skills based or pro bono initiative. Using examples from eight established program models of pro bono service, Taproot leads this discussion around designing skills based or pro bono programs to meet community engagement goals. 

  • Volunteering 101_ HR Benefits for Corporations
    • The term volunteering covers a wide array of activities that range in scope; both in the time invested from a volunteer and the impact delivered to a recipient organization. While hands-on volunteer activities like painting a fence or serving soup in a soup kitchen will always be needed, corporations can actually deliver more impact to community organizations by also offering skills-based volunteering activities for employees. Pro bono service is considered a cash-equivalent donation and is valued at an average of $120/hour, as compared to $19.51 for traditional volunteer activities. This webinar will cover the spectrum of volunteerism, exploring how connecting employees to volunteer opportunities that utilize their professional skills positively correlates to internal retention, recruitment and talent development. 

  • Getting Ready to Partner with Nonprofits
    • Oftentimes, the biggest barrier preventing effective collaboration between skilled volunteers and nonprofits is figuring out the right way to work together. Companies have lots of skilled employees that have knowledge in areas that nonprofits are lacking - but how do you align these skills with nonprofit needs? This webinar will help your company uncover the best ways to identify core corporate competencies, nonprofit needs and avenues for building effective partnerships. 

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