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Dear AmeriCorps Member,

During this unprecedented time, Iowa’s AmeriCorps members have answered the call to serve in a critical way, despite it not being the term of service you signed up for. At Volunteer Iowa, we appreciate the adaptability of those of you who have been able to continue to support your grant objectives through teleservice or serving within social distancing and safety protocols. We are also so grateful to members who have been able to serve as part of Governor Reynolds’ request to deploy in COVID-19 response. And, we know that some of you would like to serve, but health or safety concerns prevent you from doing so. We thank you for your commitment to safety and know that you will return to your service as soon as you can and encourage you to identify remote or virtual service opportunities that may be available. We are also thankful to your programs, sites, and their staff in supporting you during this time. Through your collective efforts, we’ve been able to address both ongoing and new community needs. So I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of Volunteer Iowa, and the people of Iowa for your service and dedication. You are putting real meaning to the pledge each of you took to “get things done for America - to make our people safer, smarter, and healthier” and “faced with adversity” you are persevering. Your health and safety are important to us; so we want to remind you to be safe out there – follow the social distancing guidelines, wash your hands, and wear protective gear, as needed. We are so proud of the important service that you do and we love to hear the stories of your impact. Please continue to share those pictures and stories with your programs. Follow Volunteer Iowa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and tag @VolunteerIowa in your social media posts to share your experiences with us. And thank you again for getting things done for Iowa and America!

Yours in Service,

Adam Lounsbury

Executive Director

Volunteer Iowa

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