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This resource will provide directions for timesheet set up in OnCorps.  To set up the timesheets, programs need to have first set up the sites and site supervisors.  Programs will need to determine which type of timesheet format members will use and the number of days members have to submit a completed timesheet and the number of days site supervisors have to review and approve member timesheets. 



Existing programs will need to bring information from the previous grant year to start the set-up process.  To start the process, go to TOOLS>ADMINISTATIVE TOOLS>TIMESHEET SET UP.

Timesheet Set-Up

Timesheets need to be completely recreated each year.  This OnCorps resource provides a good basic overview of timesheet set-up: https://secure.oncorpsreports.com/pdfs/OCRHelp_New_Timesheet_SetUp.pdf

Under the FORMAT tab of timesheet set up, programs need to determine which timesheet format to use for the grant year.


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  • Tutorials are available in OnCorps under HELP for each timesheet format.


Under the PREFERENCES tab of timesheet set up, programs will decide if they want members to be able to add daily comments.  It’s Volunteer Iowa’s suggestion that this option be excluded. 

  • If programs would like members to track daily activities, they should use another process.  If you chose to include the option to provide your members a description box for each day, please plan to provide training on appropriate information to be included in the text boxes.  This will require additional monitoring at the site and program level.
  • Comments added in the general comment area (in the area below where member and site supervisor approvals are noted) cannot be removed.
  • Also included on this tab is the site supervisor default language.  Please add the following language as the approval language for site supervisors:

By clicking submit, the supervisor certifies that the time reported as program service, training and fundraising hours are true and correct and did not include any service activities prohibited by law, regulation, or grant provisions.  Further the supervisor understands that a knowing and willful false statement on this form can be punished under federal law (Section 1001 of Title 18, USC).


Programs may draft their own timesheet rejection language.  This is one option that may be used:

I have reviewed and DO NOT approve this timesheet. (Member will be notified via email to correct and resubmit this timesheet.)

  • Programs should display and add the following language for the member certification:

By clicking submit, the member certifies that the time reported as program service, training and fundraising hours are true and correct and did not include any service activities prohibited by law, regulation, or grant provisions. Further, the member understands that a knowing and willful false statement on this form can be punished under federal law (Section 1001 of Title 18, USC).


Under the CATEGORIES tab of the timesheet set up programs can add or delete categories to which members can assign time. 

    • In the standard timesheet set up direct service and training are the preset as categories; however, programs that allow members to engage in fundraising activities should add this category.  Some customization of the categories is allowed,
    • In the Enhanced (in/out) and Enhanced (total hours) programs can add up to 20 categories to which member service time can be attributed, identifying service activities to which members can attribute time.  Volunteer Iowa suggests programs limit the number of categories used to five to reduce confusion for the member and site supervisor.  This format allows for a drop-down box of service activity description.
    • If programs are using the subcategories feature in the time sheets, changes during the grant year are limited.  Please be thoughtful when selecting category names.
    • In the Enhanced format, programs have the option to automatically round time to the nearest quarter hour (in the Enhanced format).  Volunteer Iowa suggests programs use this option.
  • For the start date in OnCorps, use the first date of the first pay period when your members will be using OnCorps. Timesheet set up must align with your organizations pay periods.
  • When timesheet dates are initially set up, please consider whether the program generally requests a no cost extension.  If you do, programs should extend the timesheet dates to incorporate the extension period when the timesheets are initially created.  For example, if programs anticipate members will be serving through 11/30/23 of the next grant, programs should use that as the end date and not 8/31/23 (the current end date for program grant agreement).  It’s much easier to have the timesheets generated now and there is no harm in having unused timesheets at the end.


Under the DATES tab of the timesheet set up, the program will add information about payroll start and end dates.  All timesheet formatting should be completed before programs take this final step.

  • The Start date in OnCorps must be the first date of the first pay period members will be using OnCorps. Timesheet set up must align with your organization’s pay periods.  For example, if the first member’s start date is 9/7/2022, and the organization’s payroll that includes the member start date begins on 9/2/2022, the start date entered in the timesheet DATES tab should be 9/2/2022.   
  • Programs should not select the first day of member service or use a different number of time sheets than program staff have.  This is key to financial monitoring.  Not aligning OnCorps timesheets with the organization’s timesheets will make monitoring and closeout very difficult.
  • Members cannot enter time prior to the service term start date (in the member profile).
  • The End Date in the timesheet set up is the last date timesheets will include for the program year.  Programs with grant start dates August or September 1st have grant end dates of July 31st or August 31st accordingly.  This should be the end date; however, if the program generally requests a No Cost Extension, that time should be included.  For example, if a program with a September 1st start date generally requests a no cost extension until November 30th, the end date for the timesheets would be November 30th.  This will ensure timesheets are available for members at the end of their term.  If programs are unsure whether they will be requesting an extension, the additional time should be added.  There is no harm in having additional timesheets and it’s easier to add it during the set up.
  • Programs should then select the Timesheet Period Duration.  This should align with the organization’s pay roll periods.  Options include:
    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
    • Twice per Month
    • Monthly

If you have a pay period duration that’s not listed, contact Volunteer Iowa or the OnCorps helpdesk (help@oncorpsreports.com) for assistance. 

  • Member Due Date Interval is the number of days past the end of the pay period members must complete and submit their timesheets.  If not completed by that date, the timesheet will show as late or missing.  Programs should not give too much time to take this step.  Ideally, members should be updating timesheets after they complete service each day.  Timesheets where the time is all is added after the end date of the pay period may be subject to more scrutiny if audited.  Volunteer Iowa suggests two days to complete and submit timesheets.
  • Supervisor Approval Date Interval is the number of days past the date member timesheets are due that site supervisors have to review and approve timesheets.  Again, the number of days given shouldn’t be too long.  Auditors have taken note of the time between the end of the pay period and the site supervisor approval date. Volunteer Iowa suggests two or three days for timesheet review and approval.
  • Programs should then click on the “Update Dates” button.  Beneath the Timesheet Set Up form, a table displaying all the time periods will be created.  Please review all the dates to ensure they are correct.  If so, click on SAVE and NEXT.  If the dates are incorrect programs can redo the DATES tab of the Timesheet Set Up form.
  • The final step is to view the SAMPLE TIMESHEET.  If everything looks good and the timesheets are correctly step up, programs are finished with the process.  If items are identified that need fixing, programs can navigate through each of the tabs in the Timesheet Set Up to address the issues.


Adding Members in OnCorps

  • Members can be added one at a time with information the program collected through the enrollment process.
  • Members can be transferred over from the previous OnCorps grant year.  All members will be transferred over; programs cannot select which members will be transferred.  Once transferred, programs can eliminate members from the previous year that are not continuing.
    • This is a simple process.  Go to TOOLS>COPY PROGRAM RECORDS.  Start by reading the information and then watch the video tutorial.  The tutorial will walk you through the process - https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/7389900505696562435.
    • Once you bring the selected members over you will need to go into the MEMBER PROFILE and reset:
      • START DATE
      • END DATE
      • EXIT DATE
      • Member logins and passwords do not need to be recreated.
  • Members can also be transferred from eGrants.  The process for this is explained in step-by-step instructions in OnCorps, under MANAGE RECORDS>MEMBERS and then find the Member Import tab.





Other things to consider:

  • Make certain that you provide site supervisors and members with a link to the new grant year time sheets or to the main Iowa OnCorps page https://ia.oncorpsreports.com/.  People cannot get to new time sheets with a link to last years’ time sheets. 
  • You can notify members of time sheet due dates and when time sheets are past due by setting up Notifications.  To do this go to Tools > Notifications and Reminders
  • You can add resources and other documents needed for all members to the Resources Page.  This is under Tools > Website and Resource Page.
  • Site supervisors will receive a notification when members submit time sheets.
  • Volunteer Iowa will help you troubleshoot and address timekeeping issues.  Contact Jane Mild for assistance.
  • If there is a correction to a timesheet the member has submitted but it has not yet been approved, the site supervisor can return the timesheet.  Once the time sheet has been approved by the site supervisor, Volunteer Iowa will need to unlock the timesheet.
  • To unlock a timesheet, email Jane Mild.  The email must include the grant year, the member’s name, the dates for the timesheet(s) needing to be unlocked, and the reason the timesheet needs to be unlocked.  Timesheets must be unlocked for correction within 90-days of the timesheet’s end date.
  • Volunteer Iowa has several resources related to timesheet management available on the Volunteer Iowa website.  The Program Manual also includes information on timesheet management.

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