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Programs are required to use OnCorps unless they have requested and received approval for an alternative timekeeping system.  If you are new to AmeriCorps, you may also be new to OnCorps.  Here are some tips for OnCorps set up. Questions about OnCorps should be directed to Jane Mild, Volunteer Iowa’s compliance officer.



The website for Iowa’s OnCorps programs is – This web address cannot be located by searching or from the general OnCorps website.  Members and site supervisors will need to use this web address to access program timekeeping.


Setting up Accounts:

Volunteer Iowa begins the process.  Lead program staff should email the compliance officer, Jane Mild the name(s), address (organization address is fine), phone and email address.  Volunteer Iowa will establish the program in OnCorps and then set up individual accounts for each program staff for whom information has been provided. When the accounts are established, logins and temporary passwords will be provided to each staff member.  Tutorials on using OnCorps are available on OnCorps, under Help:

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Many YouTube videos also exist for using OnCorps.  In most cases, the videos were created by other AmeriCorps programs.


Once the accounts have been set up, someone in the program will need take the following steps:

Setting up OnCorps:

  • Program participants should be set up in the order of the forms provided:
    1. Service Sites
    2. Site Supervisors
    3. Members (can be brought over from eGrants electronically – see instructions in OnCorps)
  1. Service Sites:
  • You do not need to complete the information for the funding source or the slots.
  • Emails are required for the site.


  1. Site Supervisors:
  • You will need to attach the site supervisor to a specific site. You may attach more than one supervisor per site.
  • You can create a site supervisor account for yourself, particularly if you provide regular training for member.
  • Emails are required.
  • Tutorials for site supervisor are available on OnCorps

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  1. Members:
  • Program staff must set up each member profile.  Here’s link to a video that explains how to do this -
  • The member profile includes:  
    • Demographic section (name, address, email, etc.).  Not all the information is required, for example education level, birth date or personal demographic information such as gender.
    • Member documentation (programs are required to upload signed member service agreement/position description and any MSA amendments.  Many programs also upload holiday hour information, as well as completed member evaluations.  (This is optional.)
    • Account information.  Programs will need to establish a login and temporary password for each member.  Volunteer Iowa suggests you use a consistent temporary password and keep a spreadsheet of member logins.  Members will be required by the system to create a unique password when they first log in.
    • Supervisors.  Programs will need to link each member to at least one site supervisor.  If the member is serving in two different locations, it would be best to assign a site supervisor for each site.  Additionally, some programs add the staff person who is most likely to provide training to members as an additional site supervisor to approve member training provided by the program.  This is not necessary, but if member training is delivered in multi-day events, it may be best to use this process.
    • Suspensions.  This is optional
    • Pre OnCorps hours.  No members being enrolled in a new program will have pre-OnCorps hours.  This is used if the program is changing timekeeping systems.
    • Emergency Contact Information.  While this is not required in OnCorps, programs should have emergency contact information for each member serving.
    • Miscellaneous Information – This is optional
    • Comments/Notes – use as programs would like
    • Service Categories – This is optional
  • Under Member Status staff will find several options.  The status must be moved to ENROLLED to enable members to log into OnCorps.

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  • Tutorials for member use are available under HELP in OnCorps and through YouTube videos.


Other things to consider:

  • You can notify members of time sheet due dates and when time sheets are past due but setting up Notifications.  To do this go to Tools > Notifications and Reminders
  • You can add resources and other documents needed for all members to the Resources Page.  This is under Tools > Website and Resource Page.
  • Site supervisors will receive a notification when members submit time sheets.


Here is the link to another OnCorps time sheet set up resource.

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