IowaGrants Member/Slot Change Form User Directions

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This resource outlines how to use the IowaGrants Member Slot/Change Form.  This form is used for several things including Member Suspensions, Reinstatements, Exit requests, and Slot Refill and Conversions.  If you have questions about the use of this form after reviewing this resource, please reach out to your program officer.



The Member Slot/Change for is a status report.  Program staff will need to add this form each time it’s needed. 

  1. Click on Status Report
  2. Click on the green ADD button in the upper righthand corner of the Status Report component.

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  1. After clicking the ADD button, you will need to use the Status Report Type dropdown box to select the type of status report you’re seeking.  Programs are limited to adding Member Slot/Change Forms and Program Officer Notifications. If you’re in need of another status report, please talk with your program officer.
  2. Select the form type, then add the title.  Titles are required for all Member Slot/Change Forms.  If you’re reporting a member exit, add the Member name and the type of exit, for example, Ann Mason – Exit for Cause.  Dates are not necessary. 
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Description automatically generatedTo complete this step, hit SAVE in the upper righthand corner.  Information about the required reporting timelines is located in the Staff Manual in the Member Management section.











  1. Once this step is completed, you’ll find the status report in the list of reports. Click on the report number on the lefthand side to access the status report.

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  1. To begin the process to complete the status report click on EDIT in the upper righthand corner.

  1. Then select Member Slot/Change Form from the component list.

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  1. Read the directions for the form, then scroll through the list of form uses and select the reason for the form.  Once you select Yes, the information you need to complete will expand in the form.

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  1. Once you have completed the form, scroll back to the top and click on SAVE in the upper righthand corner.


  1. Then scroll down the form to just below the form instructions.  Select MARK AS COMPLETE.

  1. Then select SUBMIT. Once you complete this step, you’ll no longer be able to make changes without having your program officer send the form back to you.  This is the last step.

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