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The Host Site Monitoring and Assessment Tool was developed for programs to use year-round to monitor and assess host sites, and to determine suitability to act as a host site for the following year.  The categories are tied directly to requirements outlined in the Host Site Agreement, to which the organization has already agreed.  Programs are free to eliminate questions or sections from the monitoring tool as they deem appropriate; however, that does not release host site responsibility from the components outlined in the Host Site Agreement. 



Monitoring – based upon the Host Site Agreement

  • Site Participation in Recruiting, Enrollment and Position Description Development
  • HOST SITE and Site Supervisor OBLIGATIONS


Open-ended Interview Questions with Host Site staff.  These are optional and suggested questions. Your program may have others you’d like to ask, which is fine.


Member feedback (optional)

  • A series of items with a Likert scale response
  • Open-ended interview questions

Again – if the program chooses to use one or both of these components, the program can add to or change the questions to suit organizational needs.


General Site Visit Review – these are impressions based upon the site visit and staff interactions with members and the Host Site Staff


Corrective Action or Improvement Plan – this section would be used if the Host Site had been placed on a specific plan to improve compliance with the Host Site Agreement or other specific actions.  This section should be filled out by the program as the first step in completing the tool.


Assessment – this section considers things like whether the Host Site has made improvements in member management from the previous year if the Host Site asks questions first before engaging in new actions and if they provide an open and welcoming environment.  Again, questions can be added if there are specific to the program that should be included in the assessment of host sites.


End questions – Finally, a couple of questions to wrap up the assessment.  How many members did the Host Site recruit and retain?  Did they pay their host site fees timely? (optional), and does the program believe they should be retained as a host site for the next grant year.  Additional questions can be added to this list if needed.





The purpose of the form is to provide a framework for programs to monitor and assess host sites.  This enables program staff to provide feedback to host sites, outline areas of improvement, highlight site strengths, and help program determine which sites should continue from year to year.  Programs may wish to provide members an independent opportunity to provide site supervisor feedback as well.



Program: ____________________________________________                     Program Year: _________________



Host Site: ____________________________________________      Number of Years as a Site: ________



Site Supervisor(s): ______________________________________________________________________


Number of Members Assigned to the Site: ____________________     Previously Identified Issues:  Y   N


Date(s) of Visits made to site: _____________________________ Date of Member Feedback: ________








Host Site was subject to a Correction Action or Improvement plan this grant year – Add details below










Site Participation in Recruiting, Enrollment and Position Description Development






Host Site/Site Supervisor actively participates in recruiting activities as agreed to in the Host Site Agreement





Host Site/Site Supervisor has carried out the recruiting activities using the program-providing recruiting materials





Slots assigned to the Host Site have been filled with or without Program help





Host Site/Site Supervisor has provided enrollment assistance to the member as outlined in the Host Site Agreement, when needed





Host Site/Site Supervisor understands the minimum member eligibility requirements are:

  • Be at least 17 years of age at the beginning of service
  • Have a High School diploma or equivalent, or in the process of obtaining one
  • Be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident of the United States
  • Pass all required National Service Criminal History Checks





Host Site/Site Supervisor understand that at no time can the program share the results of the NSCHC with anyone, including the Host Site.





Host Site/Site Supervisor has been on time with position description draft(s), as indicated in the host site agreement





Host Site/Site Supervisor reviews and provides feedback to the program on the Member Position Description timely





Host Site/Site Supervisor seems to understand what service activities members are able to do, and supports the requirements of the AmeriCorps grant





Host Site/Site Supervisor understands the consequences of not recruiting and retaining all member slots they have been allotted













at times


Host Site understands that they must been in compliance with the AmeriCorps General and Specific Terms and Conditions.  The links to both can be found in the Host Site Agreement





Host Site held an onsite member orientation, which provided members with specific guidance on the organization, training on their service activities and provided members with information about general office resources. 





Site Supervisors participated in program orientation





Host Site follows the AmeriCorps branding guidelines





Site Supervisor fully participated in the online focus group, if selected





Site Supervisor actively communicates with the program regarding member service (such as unexcused absences, performance issues, member accomplishments, etc.)





Specific communication guidelines include:

  • Reporting member injury that requires a worker’s comp report within 24 hours
  • Any site supervisor or member behavioral issue (arrest, harassment) that may result in immediate dismissal from the program or employment within 24 hours
  • Any AmeriCorps member grievance request within 24 hours
  • Any member performing prohibited activities within 24 hours
  • Any AmeriCorps member’s behavior issues that result in disciplinary action by the member’s direct supervisor, within 2 business days
  • Any AmeriCorps member’s request to be exited for cause, compelling circumstances or to be suspended, within 2 business days
  • Any AmeriCorps member position description or Member Service Agreement amendment requests or other change that affects the member’s service activities in the program, within 3 business days





Site Supervisor understands that he/she/they are responsible to review and approve member time sheets.  Time must be reviewed to ensure that it is allowable, eligible and categorized appropriately.  Failure to do so may negatively impact a member’s ability to earn an education award. 





Site Supervisor understands that members strive to serve hours as outlined in the member position description and should not exceed 12 hours/day, 120 hours in a two-week period, and 200 hours in a month. Members do not earn hours for vacation, sick days or holidays.





Time should be approved only for service activities that are in alignment with approved grant activities.





Host Site understands that failure of the Site Supervisor to carryout timekeeping duties may result in actions including, but not limited being replaced as the Site Supervisor or the program may be denied future member placements





Site Supervisor completed all member evaluations within the timeframe agreed to in the Host Site Agreement





Host Site/Site Supervisor takes all steps necessary to keep members safe, as outlined in the Host Site Agreement
















Host Site/Site Supervisor understands the requirements of the AmeriCorps performance measures





Host Site/Site Supervisor understands the data management plan and the role they and the member(s) play





Host Site/Site Supervisor consistently meet the due date for all reports outlined in the Host Site Agreement





Host Site/Site Supervisor communicate with the program if they or the members have questions about the data collection process

















Host Site posts the Prohibited Activities in a place where members and other can see them





Host Site/Site Supervisor understands that no service activities can be untaken by members that are similar or aligned with the prohibited activities, nor can they recruit volunteers for these activities.





Host Site/Site Supervisor understand that duties that had previously been done by paid staff or volunteers (within the last 2 years) or currently being done by someone who is absent at the time are not allowable activities for members, for example, front desk duty, cleaning, or maintenance





Host Site/Site Supervisor understands that members are limited in service activities related to fundraising and should talk with the program prior to members undertaking any fundraising










Open-ended questions (optional):

  1. What is your best attribute as an AmeriCorps supervisor? 
  2. What are the goals of the AmeriCorps program that you host at your site?
  3. How have you increased community awareness about AmeriCorps at your site? 
  4. How are the program’s recruitment efforts supporting a diverse culture?
  5. Explain how your members, with or without a disclosed disability, are made aware of the availability of accommodations.
  6. In what ways has the program demonstrated a commitment to diversity? As a site supervisor, what is your role in supporting diversity?
  7. If you could expand the number of members at your site – what activities or programs would you implement?








Leadership--effectively instructs and delegates





Knowledge--familiarity or expertise on relevant topics of AmeriCorps





Verbal Communication--understands and communicates clearly





Written Communication--understands and communicates clearly





Support--meets needs of members





Conflict Resolution--effectively resolves issues





Availability--is regularly attentive and available when needed






Open-ended questions for Members:

  1. What strengths does your Site Supervisor have as a leader/supervisor?
  2. In what ways do you feel your Site Supervisor supports you in your service?
  3. What suggestions or recommendations for improvement would you offer to your site supervisor?
  4. In what ways have you seen diversity valued during your service?
  5. Additional comments/concerns?








Has Host Site/Site Supervisor been actively engaged with members?





Do the responses you’re getting from the Host Site/Site Supervisor align with the information you’re receiving from member(s)?





Is the Host Site generally well organized/clean and can the member(s) show you their workspace? (If applicable)





Does the member(s) have the tools and resources necessary to complete the service activities?





Does the Host Site staff/Site Supervisor engage with member(s) in a respectful and honest way?





Does the Host Site/Site Supervisor actively participate in the training provided by the program and is that training used in the management of the member(s)?





Member(s) service is all completed at the assigned service site





Member(s) wear some type of AmeriCorps gear












Host Site has shown improvement in their overall understanding of AmeriCorps from last year to this year





Host Site understands feedback from the program and makes any changes quickly and consistently





Host Site asks questions first and then makes changes with regard to member services or hours





Host Site does not engage in risky member service activities





Host Site ensures the organization supports a culture that is open and welcoming to all





Site Supervisor approves member time sheets on time and without needing to be reminded





Site Supervisor conducts review of the member timesheets, understands the timekeeping requirements and sends timesheets back to member(s) for correction as appropriate





Site Supervisor understands the organization’s role in data collection and management and ensures quality data is submitted on time to the program





Site Supervisor provides ongoing support for member(s)





Host Site/Site Supervisor ensures member(s) are provided the opportunity for professional development






Slots Allocated in current grant year: _______       Slots filled in current grant year: _______  


Host Site Match has been paid as agreed to in the Host Site Agreement.  Y   N

Would you support this Host Site continuing as a host site for the next grant year?   Y   N

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