A-DRT Virtual Summit: US East Delivery Participant Information and Pre-Work

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The A-DRT Virtual Summit for US East (Eastern and Central time zones friendly) will begin on Monday, May 18 at 10:00 am EST / 9:00 am CST.  This summit will use virtual, instructor-led reviews, activities, and panel discussion alongside on-demand content from A-DRT 100 units in CNCS Litmos to assist new A-DRT programs, new staff, and new members receive basic disaster response training and learn more about how A-DRT continue to engage in disaster response during the COVID-19 pandemic.​

Registering in CNCS Litmos

You will need to register an account on CNCS’ online learning system Litmos before the start of the Summit.  Please complete the following by noon on Thursday, May 14th.  If you have challenges to completing this registration, please email serviceresources@cns.gov and copy the DSU at DSU@cns.gov.

  • Navigate to the Self Sign-Up URL https://cncsonlinecourses.litmos.com/self-signup/
  • User enters their first name, last name, email address and token code DSU1-2020
    (Learners will be locked out for 2 hours if an incorrect code is entered more than 10 times from the same IP)
  • The log in email will be sent to the user with the log in details.
    • If a learner does not receive the log in email, have them check their spam/junk folders
  • Email serviceresources@cns.gov if you need technical support

Participant Preparation

Each participant will need the following items to be able to fully participate during the Summit:

  • Computer or tablet to access the on-demand content in Litmos and view A-DRT Live morning and afternoon sessions
  • Phone access to call into virtual morning and afternoon sessions
  • Pen
  • Notebook or paper
  • Printer to print resources from Litmos (not required but recommended)
  • Be ready to learn and participate in the on-demand and live sessions attentively

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