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This spreadsheet may be used for drafting your budget. You must enter your final budget directly into eGrants.                
The purpose of the budget worksheet is to serve as a tool for you as you draft your budget. The worksheet is formatted to show errors as a help. Enter your calculations and budget information  in the YELLOW cells below. This information can be entered into the eGrants budget narrative for your final application.

Cells in ORANGE or RED note a caution or error, see the "Note" for assistance with any orange/red cells. 
Section II: Member Costs (not applicable for planning grants)                    
Note: The living allowance must not exceed the minimum or maximum amounts per member as published in the RFA.                    
A. Living Allowance  # Stipended # Non-Stipended Total Members   Allowance Rate   Minimum Maximum          
Full-Time     0       $17,600 $35,200          
Three-Quarter Time     0       no minimum $24,640          
Half-Time     0       no minimum $17,600          
Reduced Half-Time     0       no minimum $13,376          
Quarter-Time      0       no minimum $9,152          
Minimum-Time     0       no minimum $7,392          
Abbreviated-Time     0       no minimum $2,112          
    Total slots 0          
    Total MSYs 0         Note: Total MSYs must be at least 8.00, unless you have been granted a waiver to the MSY minimum or are requesting a micro grant. 
  Fixed Award (cost/MSY requested)                        
Budget Total           $0      
                  Note: The Cost per MSY must not exceed $26,000 for most cost reimbursement grants or full-time fixed amount grants, $800 or $1000 for Education Award Fixed Amount Grants, and $1000 for Professional Corps. See RFA for full list of allowable Cost per MSY. Max allowable is $28,800.
Cost per MSY           #DIV/0!    
Source of Match- Description       Classification                
For each source of matching funds, enter the requested information.                      
Source of Match Total                          
Other Federal Funding   Yes/No      
Does your organization have experience directly managing other federal grants?                    
This worksheet is adapted from a form originally created by the OneStar Foundation of Austin, Texas.                

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