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ATTACHMENT 6:  Performance Measures Instructions

(eGrants Performance Measures Section)                            


eGrants Performance Measures Module Instructions


About the Performance Measures Module


In the performance measures module, you will:

  • Provide information about your program’s connection to AMERICORPS focus areas and objectives.
  • Show MSY and member allocations.
  • Create at least one aligned performance measure associated with your primary service activity as specified in the Performance Measure Instructions
  • Set targets and describe data collection instruments and strategies for your performance measures.


You should refer to the AMERICORPS Performance Measure Instructions for additional detail about Performance Measures. 


Home Page

To start the module, click the “Begin” button on the Home Page. 


As you proceed through the module, the Home Page will summarize your work and provide links to edit the parts of the module you have completed.  You may also navigate sections of the module using the tab feature at the top of each page.


Once you have started the module, clicking “Continue Working” will return you to the tab you were on when you last closed the module.


To edit the interventions, objectives, MSYs, and member allocations for your application, click the “Edit Objectives/MSYs/Members” button. 


After you have created at least one aligned performance measure, the Home Page will display a chart summarizing your measures.  To edit a performance measure, click the “Edit” button.  To delete a measure, click “Delete.”  To create a new performance measure, click the “Add New Performance Measure” button.


Objectives Tab

On the objectives tab, applicants will account for the full range of their program activity. Applicants are not expected to create performance measures for every focus area, objective, or intervention they select on this tab. 


An expandable list of AMERICORPS focus areas appears on this tab.  When you click on a focus area, a list of objectives from the AMERICORPS strategic plan appears.  A list of common interventions appears under each objective. 

First click on a focus area.  Then click on an objective.  Only the performance measures that correspond to the objectives you select on this tab will be available for selection as you continue through this module.  To see which performance measures correspond to which objective, refer to the AMERICORPS Performance Measures Instructions.


Next, select all interventions that are part of your program design.  Interventions are the activities that members and volunteers will carry out to address the problem(s) identified in the application. Select “other” if one of your program’s interventions does not appear on the list.  Repeat these actions for each of your program’s focus areas.   Select “other” for your focus area and/or objective if your program activities do not fall within one of the AMERICORPS focus areas or objectives.  


Choose your program’s primary focus area from the drop-down list.  Only the focus areas that correspond to the objectives you selected above appear in the list.  Next, select the primary intervention within your primary focus area.  You will be required to create an aligned performance measure (output paired with outcome) that contains your primary intervention.  Note that your primary intervention, and the performance measure associated with your primary intervention, must be focused on the community impact of the program, not on AmeriCorps member development. 


You may select a secondary focus area and a secondary intervention.  The primary and secondary focus area may be the same if you have more than one intervention within the focus area.


MSYs/Members Tab

On this tab, you will enter information about the allocation of MSYs and members across the focus areas and objectives you have selected.  You must allocate 100% of your program’s MSYs to focus areas and objectives. When you create your performance measures, you will be asked to allocate MSYs to each performance measure; however, you will not be required to assign 100% of your total MSYs to performance measures.


Begin by entering the total MSYs for your program. This must match the total MSYs in your budget. Please double-check your budget to make sure that the total MSY values match.


Next, enter the number of MSYs your program will allocate to each objective. Only the objectives that were selected on the previous tab appear in the MSY chart. If some of your program’s objectives are not represented in the chart, return to the previous tab and select additional objectives. The MSY chart must show how all your program’s resources are allocated. If the only activity in an objective that you have selected is focused on AmeriCorps member development rather than beneficiary impact, enter 0 MSYs for that objective. 


As you enter MSYs into the MSY column of the chart, the corresponding percentage of MSYs will calculate automatically.  When you have finished entering your MSYs, the total percentage of MSYs in the chart must be 100%.  The total number of MSYs in the chart must equal the number of MSYs in your budget.


In the members column, enter the number of members who will be assigned to each objective. Some members may perform services across more than one objective. If this is the case, allocate these members to all applicable objectives. For example, if one member performs service in on both school readiness and K-12 success, allocate one member to each of these objectives. It is acceptable for the total number of members in this table to exceed total slots requested in the application due to counting members’ service across multiple objectives. If the only activity in an objective that you have selected is focused on AmeriCorps member development rather than beneficiary impact, enter 0 members for that objective. 


To ensure that information is entered accurately, please refer to additional guidance in Appendix A of the National Performance Measure Instructions on calculating and entering MSY and member allocations.


Performance Measure Tab

This tab allows you to create sets of aligned performance measures for all the grant activities you intend to measure. 


Begin by creating the aligned performance measure for your primary intervention. After creating your required performance measure, you will be able to create additional performance measures if desired (but note that Volunteer Iowa may limit applicants to a single aligned measure).


To create a performance measure, begin by selecting an objective. The list of objectives includes those you selected on the objectives tab. Note that programs may not create performance measures for the Find Opportunity, Teacher Corps, Green Jobs, or Access & Attract objectives, since these are member-focused objectives.  Member-focused outputs and outcomes related to these objectives may be reported as Performance Data Elements on grantee progress reports.


Provide a short, descriptive title for your performance measure.


Briefly describe the problem your program will address in this performance measure.


Select the intervention(s) to be delivered by members and/or member-supported volunteers. The list of interventions includes the ones you selected previously for this objective. Select only the interventions that will lead to the outputs (plus outcomes, if applicable) of the performance measure and that are applicable to all beneficiaries counted under the measure. If you selected “other” as an intervention and wish to include an applicant-determined intervention in your aligned performance measure, click “add user intervention” and enter a one or two word description of the intervention.  Do not add a user-defined intervention that duplicates an intervention already available in the system.


Select output(s) for your performance measure. The output list includes only the National Performance Measure outputs that correspond to the objectives you have selected. If you do not wish to select National Performance Measures, and if the objective you have selected permits applicant-determined outputs, you may create an applicant-determined output by clicking in the checkbox next to the empty output text box and entering the text of your output indicator. You may create additional applicant-determined outputs for the performance measure by clicking “Add User Output.” (Note: you are not permitted to create an applicant-determined output that duplicates a National Performance Measure output. If you do not see the National Performance Measure output that you wish to use, check the Selection Rules in the National Performance Measure Instructions to make sure you selected the correct objective associated with that National Performance Measure output.)


Select outcome(s). If you have selected a National Performance Measures output that has corresponding National Performance Measures outcome(s), these outcomes will be available to select. If you do not wish to select a National Performance Measure outcome, you may create an applicant-determined outcome by clicking in the checkbox next to the empty outcome text box and entering the text of your outcome indicator. If you do not wish to select any outcome for your National Performance Measure output, click in the checkbox next to the empty outcome text box and enter “NA” in the outcome indicator text box.


If you have not selected a National Performance Measures output, or if there is no corresponding National Performance Measures outcome, create an applicant-determined outcome by clicking “Add User Outcome.” All applicant-determined outputs must be paired with an applicant-determined outcome.


Enter the number of MSYs and members your program will allocate to achieving the outcomes and/or outputs you have selected in this performance measure. Since programs are not required to measure all grant activities, the number you enter does not have to correspond to the MSY chart you created on the MSY/Members tab; however, the total number of MSYs across all performance measures within a single objective cannot exceed the total number of MSYs previously allocated to that objective. Members may be double-counted across performance measures, but MSYs may not.


Click “next” to proceed to the data collection tab. Later you can return to this tab to create additional performance measures.


Data Collection Tab


On this tab, you will provide additional information about your interventions, instruments, and plan for data collection.


Describe the design and dosage (frequency, intensity, duration) of the interventions you have selected. Frequency refers to how often an intervention occurs (for example, number of sessions per week); intensity refers to the length of time devoted to the intervention (for example, number of minutes per session); and duration refers to the period of time over which the intervention occurs (for example, how many total weeks of sessions).


Expand each output and outcome and enter data collection information.


Select the data collection method you will use to measure the output or outcome. To select more than one method, click the “Add new method” button. To de-select a method, click the first (blank) line in the method drop-down.


Describe the specific instrument(s) you will use to measure the output or outcome. Include the title of the instrument(s), a brief description of what it measures and how it will be administered, and details about its reliability and validity if applicable. For outcomes, specify how much improvement in knowledge, attitude, behavior or condition is required to be counted as having improved and clearly explain how the instrument measures this.


Enter the target number for your output or outcome. Targets must be numbers, not percentages.


For applicant-determined outputs and outcomes, enter the unit of measure for your target. The unit of measure should describe the beneficiary population you intend to count (children, miles, etc.). Do not enter percentages or member service hours as units of measure. In most cases, the unit of measure should be the same for the outputs and outcomes in an aligned performance measure.


For output-only performance measures, eGrants will require text in the outcome data collection fields. If you do not wish to have an outcome for your National Performance Measure output, enter the following:

  • Method: Select “other.”
  • Instrument Description: Enter “NA”
  • Target: Enter “1”
  • Unit of Measure: Enter “NA”


After entering data collection information for all outputs and outcomes, click “Mark Complete.” You will return to the Performance Measure tab.  If you wish to create another performance measure, repeat the process.  If you would like to continue to the next step of the module, click “Next.”


Summary Tab

The summary tab shows all of the information you have entered in the module.


To print a summary of all performance measures, click “Print PDF for all Performance Measures.”  To print one performance measure, expand the measure and click “Print This Measure.”


Click “Edit Performance Measure” to return to the Performance Measure tab.  Click “Edit Data Collection” to return to the Data Collection tab.


“Click Validate Performance Measures” to validate this module prior to submitting your application. You should also use the Performance Measures Checklist in Appendix B of the National Performance Measure Instructions to self-assess your measure(s) prior to submission.






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