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Alignment with Volunteer Iowa Priorities Form

The purpose of this form is to provide Volunteer Iowa with additional information needed to support the commission’s state-level review.  Submission of this form and supporting materials by the deadline specified in the RFA is required.  Review Iowa’s State Service Plan at and Iowa’s state legislative priorities for service programs as noted in the RFA and below.  Answer the questions in this alignment form to the best of your ability. Some questions/priority areas may not be applicable to all applicants.



All new & recompeting applicants must identify the individual who will represent their program (as needed) before the Volunteer Iowa Grant Review Committee.  This individual will be expected to respond to clarification questions that committee members have about the application and the proposed program.  Further details on the timing and process for such appearances will be sent to the representative in advance of the Grant Review Committee meeting.





Email Address:


Phone Number:



List of Proposed Member Service Locations

All applicants should provide details about the expected service locations for members in their program.  This helps the commission to identify geographic gaps in service and avoid duplication and displacement among Iowa programs.  Include as much of the information as possible about the sites where AmeriCorps members would be placed including host site name, the host organization’s relationship to the sponsor organization (a member of a coalition sponsored by the applicant, etc.), the address or geographic location of the host site, and the number of members to be placed at that site.  If host sites are not yet determined, or if the applicant will serve as an intermediary and subgrant to sites, please explain what types of sites would be potential project sites and describe the process that will be used to select sites



Member Experience Performance Objective

Volunteer Iowa’s State Service Plan includes goals to improve member experience, address feasibility for those who face economic barriers to serving, and to engage and retain underrepresented populations.  For 2023-2024, all applicants are asked to identify a goal related to improving member experience.  Examples could include adding new professional development opportunities for members, improving host site training to provide better member support, introducing or maintaining supplemental member benefits or incentives, or developing diversity/equity/inclusion practices.  Briefly describe your program’s Member Experience Performance Objective below (you may set a qualitative or quantitative goal).  Grantees will be asked to report on progress towards this objective as part of their regular progress reporting to Volunteer Iowa.  Those who indicate that they will implement incentives to support recruitment and/or retention should be prepared to track the impact of such measures.


Do you have an objective of promoting employment among AmeriCorps members in your program?

☐ Yes          ☐  No

If yes, please provide additional detail as to how you promote employment and for which members this objective applies:


* Note: If your program identifies the promotion of employment of AmeriCorps members as a program objective and Volunteer Iowa approves of this objective, it may allow for compelling personal circumstance exits for acceptance of an employment opportunity by applicable members.  Typically, such an exit is only possible if a program identifies eligible members at the start of their service terms.



ALIGNMENT WITH Priorities Based on the Volunteer Iowa State Service Plan

Describe, as applicable, how your organization/program aligns with the following objectives of Iowa’s State Service Plan. If the answer is part of your program design and included in the eGrants application, please write “see application.”  Our intent with this section is not to duplicate information that is already provided but instead  to learn about program details that might not be the main focus of your program or may not fit within the eGrants application format.

Programs that are part of or utilize a comprehensive community strategy.


Programs or strategies that engage underrepresented populations and those that provide a high return on investment.


Programs in geographic areas that are underserved or have the highest need.


Programs that address disparities in rural communities or with minorities.


Governor’s priority areas. Volunteer Iowa will prioritize programs that support Governor-identified priorities such as Future Ready Iowa, Iowa’s energy plan, childcare and enrichment, digital literacy, and education. 



Indicate your organization’s participation in the following priority areas.

Priority Area



My program currently participates in the Iowa AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team (Iowa A-DRT).



My organization is certified as a Service Enterprise.



My organization is a program partner or certified program partner with Iowa MENTOR (the Iowa Mentoring Partnership).



My organization/program is registered on Volunteer Iowa’s Get Connected volunteer portal.



My organization/program will submit nominations for the Governor’s Volunteer Awards and/or the Iowa Volunteer Hall of Fame recognition programs.




ALIGNMENT WITH Priorities Based on Iowa Code

Applicants wishing to certify or register under a state legislative priority area should complete the relevant sections of this form.  Copies of the certifications should be maintained by the applicant. Applicants who do not apply for certification but who are identified as meeting state priority requirements during grant review may be invited to apply for certification at a later date.


State Priority: Green Corps

A program that involves youth, or AmeriCorps members of any age, in major transformative projects emphasizing energy efficiency, historic preservation, neighborhood development, and storm water reduction and management.  Program details are outlined in the Iowa Administrative Code 817, Chapter 10. Use the following link to view the related Code:

To request recognition as a Green Corps program, please address the following:

  1. The proposed project provides youth with meaningful community service opportunities in one or more of the following areas (indicate all that apply):

☐   energy efficiency

☐   historic preservation

 ☐  neighborhood development

☐   storm water reduction and management

  1. The proposed program also provides capacity-building activities, training, and implementation of a major transformative “green” project (Yes/No):
  2. For the proposed project, the applicant will develop a community partnership group whose membership will include a cross section of the community served (Yes/No):


State Priority: Iowa Summer Youth Corps

A program that involves disadvantaged youth (ages 16-25) in meaningful service opportunities that enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and fulfill unmet community needs.  Program details are outlined in the Iowa Administrative Code 817, Chapter 9. Use the following link to view the related Code:

To request recognition as an Iowa Summer Youth Corps program, please address the following:

  1. The proposed project provides youth with meaningful community service opportunities (Yes/No):
  2. The applicant will provide youth participants with instruction and reflection activities to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities(Yes/No):

State Priority: Reading Corps

A program that engages members in data-based, problem-solving models of literacy instruction to use in tutoring students from prekindergarten to third grade who are not proficient in reading or who are at risk of becoming not proficient in reading.  Program details are outlined in the Iowa Administrative Code 817, Chapter 11. Use the following link to view the related Code:


These guidelines are for use by Volunteer Iowa and the Iowa Department of Education (IDOE) in certifying AmeriCorps programs for inclusion as part of the Iowa Reading Corps program.  In order to become an Iowa Reading Corps program, applicants will need to provide evidence that each of the eight (8) program requirements below are adequately satisfied.  Please submit the supporting documentation (combined into a single file) along with this form in IowaGrants.  Additional follow-up may be requested in IowaGrants, via email, and/or via in-person visits led by Volunteer Iowa and the Iowa Department of Education.





Program Requirement

Potential Data Sources

Description of Evidence Uploaded


Core Instruction

Programs shall provide 90 minutes reading instruction daily in the universal system

Building literacy schedule or daily calendar, including each K-3 grade level



Time of day

A program shall provide instructional services during regular schools in addition to regular universal instruction

Building literacy schedule or daily calendar, including each K-3 grade level 



Skill Development

Provides skill development in one or more of the following:

  • phonemic awareness,
  • phonics,
  • fluency,
  • vocabulary, and/or
  • comprehension

Documents of instructional methodology, instructional materials and accompanying scripts




Reading program is supported by evidence-based research.

Summarized evidence (e.g., pre- and post-) of success of programming being successful with previous student cohorts; or evidence of the program’s instructional approach and routines being successful with students.




Implemented by certified instructional staff with appropriate training and staff development.

Schedule of training that has (or will) occur for those providing direct instruction. 



Progress Monitoring

Program includes a psychometrically sound (i.e., reliable and valid) progress monitoring tool(s).


Comparison of progress monitoring tool and monitoring frequency against that of department approved monitoring measures and frequency requirements.



Implementation Fidelity

Instruction delivered with intended frequency, duration and instructional focus. Includes appropriate supervision by certified staff

Implementation fidelity checks or checklists - may include evidence of instructional routine consistency and accurate progress monitoring checks



Data-Based Decision Making

There are appropriate entrance and exit criteria that exist and instructional staff are supervised by certified staff who make instruction decisions regarding instructional changes and exiting.

Statement of entrance and exit criteria.  Listing of staff responsible for supervision of instruction monitoring of overall delivery, including qualifications. Evidence these staff are responsible with educational decision-making and are certified staff members. 



State Priority: Refugee Rebuild, Integrate, Serve, Empower (RISE) AmeriCorps  

A program to increase community integration and engagement for diverse refugee communities in urban and rural areas across the state.  Program details are outlined in the Iowa Administrative Code 817, Chapter 12. Use the following link to view the related Code:

The certification process for Refugee RISE AmeriCorps programs is conducted jointly by Volunteer Iowa and the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS).  In addition to reviewing the responses provided to the questions below, Volunteer Iowa and/or DHS may request further follow-up through IowaGrants, email, and/or in-person visits.

  1. The proposed project will increase community integration and engagement for diverse refugee communities in rural and urban areas across the state (Yes/No):
  2. The proposed program will recruit and train AmeriCorps members to improve the economic well-being and health of economically disadvantaged refugees in local communities across Iowa (Yes/No):
  3. For applicants with previous experience in providing related services, provide (via a narrative description and/or an upload of supporting documentation) a description of the programming and evidence of program performance that was not otherwise provided as part of the AmeriCorps application.  Specifically, evidence of program performance should include:

Any program evaluation results and outcomes :


# of refugees served and proportion compared to all individuals to be served over the most recent program year:


# of FTE dedicated to refugee services and proportion compared to overall FTE for the organization/program:


  1. For applicants proposing a new program model, provide any additional description or documentation for the evidence base of the proposed model, not already included in the AmeriCorps application:


  1. Amount of state funding requested, including how the requested funds fit into the overall AmeriCorps budget and performance measure targets. For the most recent program years, a total of $200,000 was available.  Funding availability for the current competition will not be known until the conclusion of the state legislative session in the spring.  State funding can be used as match towards the federal funding request.

Specify amount of state funding requested


Specify # of refugees to be served in relation to all individuals to be served


Specify # of MSY to be dedicated to refugee services


  1. Attach letters of support verifying community coordination and cooperation.



State Priority: Iowa National Service Corps


Per Iowa Code 15H.9, any AmeriCorps program funded under this competition is considered part of the Iowa National Service Corps and the AmeriCorps positions in that program are considered Iowa National Service Corps positions.  Therefore, no separate Iowa National Service Corps certification application is required of Iowa AmeriCorps State applicants.


For organizations wishing to certify Iowa National Service Corps positions without requesting Iowa AmeriCorps State funding, please contact Volunteer Iowa at  for more details and application materials.


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