AmeriCorps slot conversion chart

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Updated for 2022-2023            
  Hours MSY #slots MSY calculation Ed Award Total Ed Award  
FT 1700 1 0 0 6495.00 0  
TQT 1200 0.7 0 0 4546.50 0  
HT 900 0.5 0 0 3247.50 0  
RHT 675 0.3809524 0 0 2474.27 0  
QT 450 0.26455027 0 0 1718.25 0  
MT 300 0.21164022 0 0 1374.60 0  
AT 100 0.07054674 0 0 365.52 0  
      0 0   0  
1 FT 1 TQT 1 HT          
1RHT+2QT 1RHT+1QT 1QT+1MT All conversions must be MSY neutral and ed award neutral
3QT 3QT 1RHT          
2HT 1HT+2AT 2MT Each conversion must be handled on a slot-by-slot basis and should not be converted collectively. If you want to convert collectively, ensure both MSY and Ed Award are maximized.
2QT+1MT   1QT+3AT
4MT     This chart is meant to support slot conversion planning. Any slot(s) converted needs to have a Member/Slot Change Form status report submitted in IowaGrants for Volunteer Iowa review and approval.
Circumstances may arise within a program that necessitate changing the type of unfilled AmeriCorps member positions awarded to a recipient or subrecipient, or changing the term of service of a currently enrolled member. Note that once a member is exited with a partial education award, the remaining portion of that education award is not available for use. The following changes require written approval from AmeriCorps, the agency as well as written approval and concurrence from the State Commission or Direct (including National Direct, State Direct, Tribal, Territory Direct, or Education Award Only (EAP)) recipient:
1. A change in the number of member service year (MSY) positions in the award; and/or
2. A change in the funding level of the award.

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