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The following instructions for submitting a competitive continuation request apply only to programs that are currently in their first or second year of competitive program operation within a grant cycle. If your program is currently in the final year of a competitive grant you must apply using the application instructions for new and recompeting programs. In addition, if you are a cost-reimbursement continuation you would need to submit a new application to switch to a fixed-amount grant; you cannot continue your existing project period and switch from cost-reimbursement to fixed-amount. AMERICORPS and Volunteer Iowa reserve the right to consider your continuation request if your fixed-amount application is not funded.
These instructions should be read in conjunction with the Competitive Final Application Instructions posted to the Volunteer Iowa AmeriCorps State Grants webpage. Any attachments referred to in these instructions, including the detailed budget instructions, are found in the Competitive Final Application Instructions document.
Submitting Final Application Requests in eGrants and IowaGrants
When to Submit Your Continuation Request:
See the RFA and/or reference the Volunteer Iowa website for the appropriate application deadlines.
eGrants Continuation Request
How to Submit Your Continuation Request:
• Click Continuation/Renewal on your eGrants home page. You will be shown a list of grants that are eligible to be continued. Select the grant you wish to continue. Make sure you select the correct one. Do not start a new application. The system will copy your most recently awarded application.
• Edit your continuation application as directed in the continuation request instructions below. When you have completed your work, click the SUBMIT button.
Be sure you also review the RFA when preparing your request. If you have questions about the content of your continuation request, please contact your Program Officer or the Volunteer Iowa Program Development Officer.
What to Include in Your eGrants Continuation Request:
I. Applicant Info and Application Info
Update the Applicant Info and Application Info Sections in eGrants if necessary. Note in the Continuation Changes field that you have updated the Applicant Info or Application Info Section(s).
II. Narrative (Narratives Section)
Your original application will appear in the Executive Summary and in the narrative sections Rationale and Approach/Program Design, Organizational Capability, Cost-Effectiveness and Budget Adequacy, Evaluation Summary or Plan, Amendment Justification, Clarification Information, and Continuation Changes, as appropriate. Do not modify these original narrative fields.
CNCS expects that programs will maintain a consistent program design for the duration of the three-year project period; however, we recognize that, on occasion, some programmatic changes are necessary. As a result, continuation applicants may request the changes listed below during the continuation process.
Information should be provided in the Continuation Changes narrative field as relevant.
• Changes in Operating Sites
• Significant Changes in Program Scope or Design
• Changes to Performance Measures
• Significant Changes to Monitoring Structures or Staffing
• Budget revisions (detail provided in section VI).
The page limit for the Continuation Changes field is six pages, as the pages print out from eGrants.
Any continuation applicant not requesting changes that fit within the above categories should enter “N/A” in Continuation Changes. AMERICORPS expects that most continuation applications will not be requesting changes.
Evaluation plans are approved by AMERICORPS when applicants re-compete for funding. If you wish to make changes to your evaluation plan, do NOT change the text of the Evaluation Summary or Plan field in your application. Instead, upload a revised version of the evaluation plan (with the proposed changes in track-changes mode) as an attachment to IowaGrants. Volunteer Iowa will notify you if the changes are approved by AMERICORPS.
III. Logic Model
Continuation applicants do not need to enter content into these fields. The logic model may not copy over from the initial application but you do not need to re-enter it.
IV. Performance Measures (Performance Measures Section)
Your performance measures are copied from your previous year’s application into your continuation request. If you made changes to your program, such as adding or changing grant-funded activities, or requesting additional slots or MSYs, you may need to revise your performance measures. Continuation applicants whose measures do not align with the current-year Performance Measure Instructions must also revise their measures to conform with the current instructions. To revise performance measures, “View/Edit” the performance measures that copy over from your original application (see Attachments for guidance on entering performance measures in eGrants). Note in the Continuation Changes field that you have updated your performance measures. If you are proposing to significantly increase or decrease output or outcome targets for existing performance measures, provide a justification for this change.
V. Program Information
In the Program Information Section, review and make selections as appropriate. Applicants should only select priorities and characteristics that represent a significant part of the program.
AmeriCorps Funding Priorities
Check any priority area(s) that apply to the proposed program. Only select Priorities that represent a significant part of the program focus and outcomes.
Grant Characteristics
Check any grant characteristics that are a significant part of the proposed program.
VI. Budget (Budget Section)
Your budget from the previous year’s application is copied into your continuation request so you can make the necessary adjustments. Revise your detailed budget for the upcoming year. Incorporate any required AMERICORPS increases, such as an increase to the member living allowance, into your budget. Continuation applicants may apply for expansions – dollars, MSY, and/or members.
Source of Funds (Match)
In the “Source of Funds” field that appears at the end of Budget Section III, enter a brief description of the match. Identify each match source separately. Identify if the match is secured or proposed. Include dollar amount, the match classification (cash or in-kind), and the source type (Private, State/Local, or Federal) for your entire match. (The total amount in the Source of Funds field should match the total amount in the budget narrative exactly.) Define all acronyms the first time they are used.
VII. Increasing Grantee Overall Share of Total Budgeted Costs
Grantees are required to meet an overall matching rate that increases over time. You have the flexibility to meet the overall match requirements in any of the three budget areas, as long as the minimum match of 24% for the first three years, and the increasing minimums in years thereafter, are maintained. See 45 CFR §§ 2521.35–2521.90 for the specific regulations.
See Attachment G for instructions for applying for the Alternative Match Schedule (these waiver requests were due with the pre-application).
In the Funding/Demographics Section enter:
• Other Revenue funds. Enter the amount of funds that your program uses to run the program that are not AMERICORPS/CNCS share or match.
• Number of Volunteers Generated by AmeriCorps members. Please enter the number of volunteers participating in one day service projects or ongoing volunteer commitments that the proposed AmeriCorps members will generate.
VIII. Operating Sites (for multi-state applicants only)
This section is not applicable to single-state applicants and therefore should not appear for Iowa AmeriCorps State applicants.
IX. Review, Authorize, and Submit
Applicants must submit common federal government-wide Representations and Certifications through SAM.gov. Entities creating new registrations in SAM.gov and existing entities completing their annual registration renewals in SAM.gov are required to review financial assistance representations and certifications before their registration can be activated. As entities renew and re-register their accounts, the data collected make SAM.gov the federal repository for the government-wide information.
eGrants requires that you review and verify your entire application before submitting, by completing the following sections in eGrants:
• Review
Volunteer Iowa guidance- continuation expansions have been very limited in recent years but Volunteer Iowa may consider un-funded competitive expansions as part of the formula competition (applicants will need to be prepared to submit a full formula application and, if selected for funding, must manage this award as a separate grant).
Volunteer Iowa Guidance: According to current AMERICORPS guidance, programs will be asked to report on Other Revenue Funds for which they have supporting documentation as part of their program progress reports. This is currently only required for Fixed-Amount grantees.
Volunteer Iowa Guidance: According to current AMERICORPS guidance, programs will be asked, as part of their program progress reports, to report on the Number of Volunteers Generated for which they have supporting documentation. All programs are required to generate community volunteers unless they have an approved Volunteer Generation waiver.
Read the Authorization, Assurances, and Certifications carefully (https://espan.cns.gov/cnsmisc/ECERTS.HTM, and https://espan.cns.gov/cnsmisc/EASSUR.HTM). The person who authorizes the application must be the applicant’s Authorized Representative or his/her designee and must have an active eGrants account to sign these documents electronically. An Authorized Representative is the person in your organization authorized to accept and commit funds on behalf of the organization. A copy of the governing body’s authorization for this official representative to sign must be on file in the applicant’s office.
Be sure to check your entire application prior to submission to ensure that there are no errors. when you verify the application eGrants will also generate a list of errors if there are sections that need to be corrected prior to submission. If someone else is acting in the role of the applicant’s Authorized Representative, that person must log into his/her eGrants account and proceed with Authorize and Submit. After signing off on the Authorization, Assurances, and Certifications, his/her name will override any previous signatory that may appear and show on the application as the Authorized Representative.
Note: Anyone within your organization who will be entering information in the application at any point during application preparation and submission in the eGrants system must have their own eGrants account. Individuals may establish an eGrants account by accessing this link: https://egrants.cns.gov/espan/main/login.jsp and selecting “Don’t have an eGrants account? Create an account.”
IowaGrants Continuation Request
All applicants must create an IowaGrants account if they do not already have one, selecting the “AmeriCorps” program area. State of Iowa employees or individuals who may have registered for an IowaGrants or Iowa AnA account for other purposes should contact Volunteer Iowa for technical assistance with registration. More information about registering with IowaGrants is available at https://www.iowagrants.gov.
Starting a Final Application in IowaGrants.
On the IowaGrants home page select Grant Opportunities, or after logging in select Funding Opportunities from your main menu. Click on the AmeriCorps State 2022-2023 funding opportunity.
Click on the button at the top that allows you to Start a New Application (you may need to first login to your account). Do not select to copy an existing application or you will not have the correct components available to you. You will first be directed to the General Information component. When each IowaGrants component has been completed, you will need to click on the “Mark as Complete” option for that component before the system will allow you to submit the application.
Your final application in IowaGrants consists of the following components. Make sure to complete each section.
I. General Information
II. Minority Impact Statement
III. Final Application Supporting Documentation Attachments
IV. Application Signature (appears after you click “Submit”)
I. General Information
The project title should match the program name in eGrants, and include “AmeriCorps”. If you are connected to more than one organization (as is the case for existing AmeriCorps grantees who also have an IowaGrants timekeeping account), be sure to choose the correct applicant organization. The IowaGrants user who creates the final application will become the primary grantee contact (the “registered applicant”) in the system. The registered applicant can add additional contacts from the same organization to allow them access to the final application.
II. Minority Impact Statement
This is a required form for all State of Iowa grants; please complete as directed.
III. Final Application Supporting Documentation Attachments
The following additional documents are part of the final application in IowaGrants. See the RFA for details on supporting documentation to be included with the final application, as many of the attachments are relevant for only certain applicants On the attachment page, click the name of the required attachment. You can then choose the file to upload. A description is required by the system in order to accept the file. In order to ensure that state reviewers see the final version of your application materials from eGrants, you should first submit your eGrants application and then download copies of the eGrants supporting documentation to upload to IowaGrants.
• Copy of submitted eGrants Application
1. Application for Federal Assistance (from eGrants)- REQUIRED
2. Budget Attachment (from eGrants)- REQUIRED
3. Budget Narrative (from eGrants)- REQUIRED
• Additional Documents
Documents #1-16 (see list in RFA) are not required for continuation applicants
17. Other Supporting Documents - if applicable, including Federal Debt Delinquency Explanation
IV. Application Signature
Before submitting, the authorized user will need to sign (within the system) and verify understanding of the Funding Opportunity terms.

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