22-23 Budget Tips - Categorization of AmeriCorps Expenses

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To help ensure consistency within budgets across program, we have provided examples of budget items that are frequently miscategorized. When creating your program’s budget, please ensure that all items are categorized in the correct budget category. If you have questions about specific items, please reach out to Jamie Orozco Nagel, jamie.nagel@volunteeriowa.org.
Other Operating Costs
• Office space rental
• Utilities
• Other program-related services+
• Computer licenses and fees for software use
• Cell phone reimbursement
• Payroll processing fee+
• Association fee (ASC, for example)
• Licensing fee for member curriculum
• Costs associated with member recruitment and outreach (e.g., career fair fees, advertising expenses)
• Cost associated with member timekeeping, other fees the commission charges
• Allowable member recognition costs
Member Training
• Training materials
• Training curriculum
• Costs for training space
• Expenses related to brining in instructors
Staff Travel
Commission Sponsored Training
• New AmeriCorps Program Director Training (for New Programs & Programs with staff who have served two-years or less, held in Des Moines)
• AmeriCorps Program Launch (all Iowa AmeriCorps programs, held in Des Moines)
• Regional National Service Training Conference (all Iowa AmeriCorps programs, typically programs attend in the Midwest/North Central region)
• Innovation Exchange- Volunteer Iowa program training (all Iowa programs, held in Iowa)
AMERICORPS/CNCS Sponsored Training
• AmeriCorps Symposium is NOT applicable to Iowa programs.
Any other staff training should be listed separately
• Computers, tablets, cell phones+
• Member gear
• Program materials
• Postage, office supplies, business cards+
• CPR/First Aid supplies
• Supplies for service day activities
• Consumable goods associated with member recruitment and outreach (e.g., flyers)
Member Health Care
• If budget does not cover healthcare for all FT members, you must justify this in the budget and make clear that you can cover all FT members if needed.
• Member mental health care costs (costs should be associated with the grant years in which they are charged)
+Please ensure that your organization provides a clear allocation plan if these expenses benefit more than one project within your organization. Individual item costs that exceed $1000 need to be budgeted or approved in advance. Printed items should be logoed appropriately.

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