21-22 Volunteer Iowa Sample NSCHC Policy

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[Sample Organization] National Service Criminal History Check (NSCHC) Policy

[Sample Organization] staff and members who serve or work under a grant subject to NSCHC requirements, must have a completed and adjudicated NSCHC before their first day or work or service. All [sample organization] prospective members and staff under the requirements of the NSCHC Rule (most recent effective date May 1, 2021) will have their background checks completed and adjudicated at least one day before their first day of work or service. At least two [sample organization] staff will complete the NSCHC Training in Litmos annually and upload the training certificates in IowaGrants.

Components of the NSCHC include a National Sex Offender Registry check, a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint-based check and, if applicable, a state criminal history check. Iowa participates in the National Fingerprint File (NFF) system. When a state participates in the NFF system, an FBI fingerprint check is duplicative of the search of a state’s criminal history record. Therefore, for the purposes of AmeriCorps, [sample organization] will not conduct a separate state check for Iowa.

If the prospective member or staff resides in another state at the time of application, a state criminal records check from the state of residence is also required. [Sample program] will consult the current NSCHC Manual to determine if the state of residence also participates in the NFF system or if there are other pre-approved State Waivers or other state-specific requirements applicable to each NSCHC conducted.

The [Program Director or other identified staff] will be responsible for ensuring all components of the NSCHC are completed and adjudicated on time for members and staff; however, the [Executive Director] will complete and adjudicate all components of the NSCHC for the Program Director. All checks will be retained confidentially in the [sample organization] human resources files. Pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 692.2, [sample program] will not disseminate the results of criminal history checks (state or FBI) to host-sites, Volunteer Iowa, or any other entity. State law does allow Volunteer Iowa and other oversight entities to view the results, but not to make copies or otherwise disseminate results.

The NSCHC requirements do not apply to personnel who do not appear in the AmeriCorps budget (federal share or match) or to contractors/consultants.  All AmeriCorps members over the age of 18 at the time they begin service are subject to NSCHC requirements.

The [Sample Organization] procedures outline the steps to be taken by [Sample Organization] staff to ensure compliance with federal requirements.  All policies and procedures are reviewed on an annual basis and updated as needed.

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