21-22 Benchmark Calculator

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The Benchmark Calculator is a tool to help program with term management.  It can also be used by members to ensure they're serving enough hours each day/week to end their terms successfully.  For programs wanting to use this tool for planning purposes, some things to consider - this calendar only has the basic federal holidays indicated.  You should consider your organizations holiday and leave policies.  If your organization allows for additional holidays or closes between Christmas and New Years, for example, you'll need to add that information into the calculator.  If you know your member will be serving a period of high intensity, for example a county fair or youth camp, you should increase the hours during that period.  Also, you will want to be reasonable in the estimated hours, keeping in mind that every member will take some sick and vacation time during the term of service.  The progression toward completion of the term should be revisited at the mid-term evaluation (for members in terms where this is appropriate).  Use this tool to revisit the hours/day or week if necessary, or to make a new schedule to help keep members on track.  This is a good way to help them end their term successfully. 

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