21-22 AmeriCorps Member Position Description Template

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AmeriCorps Member Position Description Template (2021-2022)



Member Name:

Start Date:

Term Length:

End Date:

Service Location:

Living Allowance:


Description of anticipated service schedule:





* Sick or personal days are allowed, but members lose possible days to earn the required number of hours needed to successfully complete the term of service. There are additional benefits offered if the member has a compelling personal circumstance.


AmeriCorps Member Position Assigned Service Activities:


Site Specific Member Service Activities (if applicable):



  1. Certify that they have or will obtain the diploma/GED to be in accordance with the PD manual requirements
  2. Be 17 years or older at the start of service (no upper age limit)
  3. Pass a national service criminal history check
  4. Hold one of the following citizenship statuses: US citizen, US national, or Lawful Permanent Resident


Benefits and Evaluation Requirements:

  1. Education Award received upon successful completion of their term of service.
  2. Living Allowance
  3. Health care, if applicable
  4. Childcare coverage if the member qualifies
  5. Student loan forbearance for eligible loans
  6. Member Performance Evaluation requirements during the term, if applicable

For more details about the benefits please refer to the Member Service Agreement



_____________________________________                  ______________________________________

Member Signature                                                              Program Representative Signature



_____________________________________                   _____________________________________

Date                                                                                      Date



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