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AmeriCorps State Grants


Each year Volunteer Iowa grants and administers around $8 million of AmeriCorps State funding in Iowa through a competitive grant process. Programs may be awarded funding at the national level (through competitive funding) or state level (through formula funding).


  • Volunteer Iowa posts its Requests for Applications for AmeriCorps State on this webpage.
  • The Iowa application materials are based on the AmeriCorps State and National notices of funding opportunity and application instructions, but organizations that wish to operate an AmeriCorps State program solely within Iowa must follow the Volunteer Iowa application process.

Contact Senior Policy & Development Officer Jamie Orozco Nagel at or 515-348-6233 with questions about the AmeriCorps State application process.

2023-2024 Iowa AmeriCorps State Funding Opportunity

The Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service (Volunteer Iowa) is pleased to announce a Request for Applications for Iowa AmeriCorps State programs to operate in 2023-2024

  • 2023-2024 Program Year Planning Grant Announcement
    • The due dates for planning applicants are:
      • Funding Opportunity Announcement, Request for Applications, & Application Instructions Published: 1/11/2023
      • Pre-Application Deadline: 2/7/2023
      • Final Planning Application Deadline: 3/28/2023
      • Funding Announcement: 5/2023* (anticipated)
      • Program Start Date: 7/31/2023      
  • 2023-2024 Program Year Funding Announcement
    • AmeriCorps State grants may award two categories of resources to address community needs: member positions and  funds to support AmeriCorps members during their service terms (for operational grants) or to support planning activities to prepare for starting a new AmeriCorps program (planning grants).
    • Due dates for the application process depend on the type of applicant and funding requested:
ItemCompetitive & Public Health Key DatesFormula Key Dates
Pre-Applications due to Volunteer Iowa

Current grantees: September 27, 2022

2022 Public Health applicants: October 4, 2022

Current grantees: September 27, 2022

New applicants: January 10, 2023

Final Applications & Supporting Documents due to Volunteer IowaCompetitive & Public Health applicants: November 8, 2022

Current grantees: February 28, 2023

New applicants: March 14, 2023

2023-2024 Application Materials, including Planning Grant Application Materials

  1. Pre-Applications
    1. Pre-Application Instructions & Survey for RECOMPETING & CONTINUATION Applicants
    2. Pre-Application Instructions & Worksheet for NEW Applicants
    3. Pre-Application Instructions & Worksheet: PLANNING Applicants
  2. Review Criteria & Final Application Instructions
    1. Competitive Review Criteria & Final Application Instructions
    2. Public Health Review Criteria & Final Application Instructions
    3. Continuation Review Criteria & Final Application Instructions
    4. Formula Review Criteria & Final Application Instructions
    5. Review Criteria & Final Application Instructions - PLANNING GRANT APPLICANTS
  3. 2023 AmeriCorps State and National Mandatory Supplemental Information (PDF)
  4. 2023 AmeriCorps State and National Performance Measure Instructions (PDF)
  5. 2023 Public Health AmeriCorps Performance Measures Instructions (PDF)


  1. Alignment with Volunteer Iowa Priorities Form
  2. Applicant Operational and Financial Management Survey
  3. eGrants Indirect Cost Rate User Instructions
  4. AmeriCorps State and National Evaluation Plan Template
  5. Logic Model Template
  6. eGrants Performance Measure Module Instructions
  7. Detailed Budget Instructions for Cost Reimbursement
  8. Cost Reimbursement Budget Worksheet (updated 12.9.2022)
  9. Detailed Budget Instructions for Fixed Cost
  10. Fixed Cost Budget Worksheet
  11. Budget Checklist
  12. Volunteer Iowa Fee Calculation Guide
  13. Final Application Checklist
  14. Applicant Guide & FAQs (Updated 2.23.2023)
  15. Performance Measures Instructions for Planning Grant Applicants
  16. Detailed Budget Instructions for Planning Grants
  17. Planning Grant Budget Worksheet

2023-2024 Training & Technical Assistance

Volunteer Iowa - TA Materials for Formula Applicants

Volunteer Iowa - TA Materials for Planning Grant Applicants

AmeriCorps Agency - Best Practices in Developing Performance Measures

This presentation is an excellent resource for understanding not only what types of performance measures should be included in your application but how to correctly enter those performance measures into eGrants.

AmeriCorps Agency - Best Practices in Budget Development for Fiscal Year 2022 AmeriCorps State and National Applicants

These materials were created for 2022-2023 applicants but the basic guidance about how to develop a compliant budget is still applicable for this competition. The sample budget does not contain Iowa-specific requirements, such as commission fees.

National Direct Consultation 

Volunteer Iowa participates in the AmeriCorps National Direct Consultation process coordinated by America’s Service Commissions (ASC).  Any AmeriCorps National Direct program proposing to operate in Iowa is asked to complete the form found on ASC’s consultation page.